The eLTE Industry Alliance

Purpose of the Industry Alliance is to establish an eLTE partner ecosystem promoting international collaboration and cooperation among complimentary partners that contribute: technology (incl. ISV, IHV) , integration, consultants, standard organizations and end customers. All this to provide better industry operational experience and to mature the eLTE ecosystem into the market segments for public safety, transportation and energy sector.

The eLTE Industry Alliance is a community that jointly develops, integrates, optimizes, promotes, sells, delivers, and supports standardized broadband trunking eLTE solutions for the vertical industry.

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From 2014, industry peers from 3GPP and trunking standard organizations, thirdparty analysts, customers from public safety and transportation departments, as well as alliance partners will gather in eLTE Industy Alliance Summit. During the summit, you will be able to update yourself with the latest alliance developments, and gain knowledge on the current trend of global broadband trunking standards and of course the entire industry. We hope that eLTE may promote industry informatization and have an increasingly wider scope of utilization. Looking forward to seeing you in summit and exchanging our views regarding these exciting topics.

Alliance Event

The 5th eLTE Industry Alliance Summit
Sep, 2017 Shanghai, China
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